Our Summer Bucket List 2016


So, this is where it starts. At the beginning of each season we decide on activities that we wish to complete for that season. I try my best to encourage a consideration of the season itself and include activities that are specific to that. This means that we really get the most of what’s on offer.

So, without further ado:

1) Have a BBQ ✔️ View

2) watch the sunset ✔️ View

3) Find a new park ✔️ View

4) outdoor concert

5) summer blockbuster at the cinema ✔️ View

6) bonfire

7) boat ride

8) make Daisy chains ✔️ View

9) lemonade/ juice stand

10) go for an evening walk ✔️ View

11) zip wire ✔️ View

12) visit a nature reserve ✔️ View

13) visit an amusement park ✔️ View

14) wash the cars together ✔️View

15) eat watermelon  ✔️ View

16) cloud watch ✔️ View

17) Water balloon fight ✔️ View

18) fruit picking ✔️ View

19) find a view ✔️ View

20) carnival ✔️ View

21) Play beach ball ✔️ View

22) Go Rock Pooling ✔️ View

23) Do Some Beach Art ✔️ View

24) fly a kite

25) Play crazy golf ✔️ View

26) eat fish and chips by the sea ✔️ View

27) splash in some waves ✔️ View

28) build sand castles ✔️ View

29) swim outdoors ✔️ View

30) visit Ironbridge Gorge  ✔️ View

31) play in the splash zone ✔️ View

32) Read books on the grass ✔️View

33) draw with pavement chalk ✔️ View

34) go on a bike ride ✔️ View

35) play in the paddling pool ✔️ View

36) Have a picnic ✔️ View

37) Play in the summer flowers ✔️ View

There we have it. Plenty of fun summer activities to keep us occupied!




You Baby Me Mummy

32 thoughts on “Our Summer Bucket List 2016

  1. chocolateandwineandillbefine says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your activities as you tick them off the list! This is such a lovely idea for keeping activities focused, and I love how simple some of them have been. They have really made me appreciate some of the tiny things we have done this summer 🙂 #thelist


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