Make sandcastles – Tick!

Nothing quite says British summer time more that grabbing your bucket and spade and heading to the beach. The humble sandcastle is a must for UK children in the summer. My girls are no different. My 4 year old enjoys the process of filling her bucket, tightly packed with sand (damp is best!) and then tipping it as fast as she can. Don’t forget the 3 magic taps! And voila! A crumbly pile of sand that vaguely resembles a castle!

…cue my 1 year old: excellent at destroying carefully constructed sandcastles and reducing them to the beach from whence they came!

Joking aside however, there is some very real learning going on here. 4 is developing process skills, following step by step instructions to get the best outcome. And 1 is learning about cause and effect; what happens if I do this? Most importantly, they’re having fun!

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