Splash in the waves – Tick!

There is no freedom like splashing in the waves. Standing at the edge of a wide open expanse of water. No barriers. Just beautiful blue, as far as the eye can see until sea meets sky. These days it’s rare that children experience such freedom and space, for various (understandable) reasons, we keep them close to our bosoms, safe and protected. However, this liberty is so important to children. We need to give them space to be free, to explore. The beach is perfect for this. Huge, spacious and (relatively) safe for young children to enjoy.


Aside from this there’s so much sensory enjoyment to be found in the sea. The cool water between your toes, the squelch of wet sand underfoot. The smell of sea air. The salty taste, unlike anything else. The sound of waves, gently lapping the beach or crashing against the rocks. A real feast for children to embrace and enjoy.


What memories are made at the seaside. Splashing in the waves is a childhood must. One that should be repeated over and over again, one that never grows old. A definite tick for out mission to enjoy the summertime. What are your favourite British beaches?

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