Have fun in the Splash Zone – Tick!

Picture the scene: it’s the hottest day of the year, us British don’t cope too well with the heat, anything above 25 degrees is considered a heatwave and far too hot. The playground is too hot to play on. It’s too hot and sticky to stay home. In fact, it’s too hot to do much of anything, but the kids are complaining that they’re bored. Thankfully, recent years have seen the rise of the ‘Splash Zone’  and we’re lucky enough to have one in our town!


The basic concept, in case you’ve been living in a cave, is a gated zone or water sprinklers, tippers and squirters, where children can run around and cool off, while parents sit and watch (bonus!)

Cue much hilarity and joy! Children absolutely love these, and our  local is always pretty busy. But the cooling water, combined with the huge grins of joy on the kids faces, make it the perfect summer activity!

One thing I personally love about the splash zone is the way it perfectly illustrated the opposite personalities of my two children. My eldest, a sensible, reserved and bit of a scaredy cat is happy to watch from the sidelines, squealing at the slightest splash.


Then on the opposite end of the scale is my youngest, not content unless she’s right in the middle of the action, absolutely dripping wet and slightly resembling a drowned rat!



Duckling enjoying the Splash Zone

Overall a super fun day out for all and the best way to cool off during a heatwave!

Splash Zone Video

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