Visit a Nature Reserve – Tick!

This has been one of my favourite activities of the summer. It’s really amazing that you can live in the same town for most of your life and not know about some of its hidden treasures. I found our local nature reserve on The wildlife trust website and found it to be a really useful tool. Not only does it tell you where your nearest Nature Reserves and beauty spots are, but it gives you directions and tells you the best place to park.

So, after a bit of research, off we set. Thanks to the Wildlife Trust site, we found the reserve and parked up easily, right at the entrance to the walk. The first thing my girls spotted was a huge puddle! Now, as Banana was wearing her wellies, I happily let her have a little splash.


Duckling, however was not wearing wellies, as I had not invested in any yet!?! Not that it would have made much difference, because not content with splashing through the puddles, like her sister, she decided she’d have a sit in one!


She then spent the rest of the walk looking like this:


My first piece of advice would be, don’t have a mummy fail, like me, and forget to bring a change of clothes! (Even in summer!)

Unfortunately, Duckling being soaked through, meant that we could only stay out for about half an hour. However, it really was lovely. There were sections of the wood that reminded me of an enchanted fairy tale forest.


As we walked further along, the girls were delighted when we came across an opening with a sort of playground made entirely from tree stumps and rocks. So we played here for a little while before heading back.

Overall, it was a fantastic morning, spent enjoying nature, exploring and getting down and dirty! My kids loved it so much, we have been back several times since.

You can see us riding our bikes through the nature reserve HERE

You can view our Summer Bucket List HERE

have you visited your local nature reserve? Did you enjoy it as much as we did?

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