Play in the summer flowers and make Daisy chains – Double tick!

There’s something enchanting about flowers for children. I think it’s because they are so multi- sensory. They look amazing, smell good and feel nice in your hand. With each season, I try to encourage my girls to get out and about amongst nature. To appreciate how the seasons change the way the world looks and feels.

Summer is the perfect time to admire the bright, vibrant flowers!


Duckling is 17 months and I was able to use this opportunity for vocabulary development. Pointing out ‘flower’ , ‘purple’, ‘green’ . As well as a sensory activity, allowing her her hold a flower (without picking, in this instance) and feel the variety of textures. Smell a variety of flowers, and of course she attempted to taste them too!


Banana is four and we reinforced our knowledge of what flowers and plants need to grow as well as pointing out the different parts of the flower in order to develop scientific vocabulary (petal, stem, leaf, pollen, roots).

Next, we headed off to find some flowers that we could actually pick…a field of Daisies!


Again, Duckling loved the sensory side of things. Lying down, feeling the spiky grass on her tummy. Picking Daisies and Dandelions, smelling and tasting (!) them.


Banana tried her hand at making Daisy chains. Using all those tiny fine motor muscles on such a fiddly task. With a little help she was able to create a beautiful bracelet for herself and necklace for her sister, she was extremely proid of herself! image

Overall, we had a really lovely morning at our local park enjoying the best of nature’s summer offerings. Free, local, educational and fun…Perfect! Another big fat tick on our mission to enjoy the summer!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

18 thoughts on “Play in the summer flowers and make Daisy chains – Double tick!

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    I have such fond memories of hours spend sat in a meadow making daisy chains as a child. It is something I keep meaning to do here with the children one week for activity hour. It is such a simple activity yet as you say so great for coordination and fine motor skills and hugely rewarding. Your photos are gorgeous and make me want to go onto the farm and make one right now!

    thank you for linking up and sharing with me at #CountryKids


  2. twotinyhands says:

    What a lovely idea for some sensory fun. I tried making daisy chains the other month, I think it was easier when I had little hands as a child, something I was forever doing. Lovely sharing at the end too! #countrykids


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