Visit Ironbridge Gorge – Tick!

We are extremely lucky to live within a stones throw of the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge, a truly beautiful town and World Heritage Site. Home to the first ever iron bridge and start of the industrial revolution.


Ironbridge is a lovely place to spend a warm summer day, so we got together with some cousins, packed a picnic and off we went.  We spent some time at the nearby Dale End Park where we played and had a delicious picnic.

We rolled down hills:


We climbed trees:


Duckling enjoyed the freedom and space to run and play:

The girls found a feather and had a tickle fight (!)


Next, we took a walk along the River Severn and admired the beautiful gorge.

Followed by a visit to the town which is full of lovely boutiques, bars and restaurants.


Finally, we stopped at the bridge to enjoy a refreshing ice cream and admire the stunning views.


Of course, we ended with a walk across the bridge itself.


A really wonderful day! If you’re ever in the Midlands, this is a day out that I would highly recommend. There are also a variety of fantastic museums in the area to make a full day out. Great fun!

You can view our Summer Bucket List 2016 HERE

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