Play beach ball -Tick!

Occasionally, there is nothing for it except a relaxing afternoon spent in the garden. I am a huge fan of traditional garden toys such as balls, skipping rope and hula hoops. The nostalgia from my own childhood, when these things were more than enough to keep us entertained all afternoon. But also, the fact that good old fashioned toys are often the best at practicing those gross motor skills such as jumping, throwing and catching.

So the other day I decided to dig out the old beach ball. My kids were in love with the idea of a huge, colourful inflatable that they were encouraged to throw around. The fact that it is so light and larger than a normal ball, meant that Banana was really able to practice her catching skills.



Incredibly, this simple activity kept my girls entertained for about an hour. This meant an hour of being active. An hour of practicing those skills. An hour of having fun outdoors and an hour where mummy could just relax! 😜 Good old, traditional fun!

What are your kids’ favourite garden games?

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