Swim Outdoors – Tick!

As far as UK summers go, 2016 has been a fairly good one. We’ve had at least a few days of sunshine each month meaning that we’ve been able to do squeeze in lots of different activities.

This time we went swimming in an outdoor pool. We have a lovely (although unheated!) pool, not too far from where we live in a small village called Tettenhall. So we packed our swimming kit and a picnic and off we went!

We got there fairly early to beat the crowds and secure a good spot. The pool has a small car park, so you need to get there early  to get a space. We found a nice spot and got set up on the grass and changed the girls into their swimming things.

It was already pretty hot out, so we set off for the water…it was FREEZING! So very gingerly, one toe at a time, we lowered ourselves into the water. Once we were in it was lovely, so refreshing and the water sparkled in the sunlight.


As you can probably gather from these pictures of Duckling, the water is very shallow, making it perfect for young children to paddle. She really enjoyed her first outdoor swim, and happily splashed and squealed!


It did get slightly deeper towards the middle so the bigger kids were still able to enjoy swimming and playing too.

The pool is surrounded by a lovely, manicured grass and park area, so the children can run and play when they want a break from swimming…image

This even meant that mamma got a bit of time to relax and soak up the sunshine ☀️☀️  (Always a bonus!)

We finished off with a lovely picnic, while we dried off in the sun. Another fabulous summer day out!

The only thing that could be improved about Tettenhall pool in my opinion is if it were tiled rather than concrete. The concrete makes the water look a bit brown, even though it was actually extremely clean!

You can watch a snippet of Duckling enjoying her first outdoor swim HER

You can see the rest of out Summer Bucket List HERE

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