Fun at the Carnival – Tick!

No British child’s summer is surely complete without attending a carnival? The bright colours, the smells of hotdogs, the sweet taste of candy floss, the feeling of terrified delight as you are zoomed through the air on a fairground ride. A real delight for kids of all ages ( and adults too)

A few weeks ago, we attended our local annual carnival, and had a really fabulous day! Within walking distance of where we live, we didn’t need to mess about with transport or parking, and the fact that the sun was shining made it even more pleasant to have a leisurely walk.

When we first arrived, the Parade was already underway. It was incredibly busy so I let (a rather heavy) Banana sit on my shoulders so she didn’t miss the action, while my niece and nephew edged as far to the front as they could manage. It was fantastic to see so many local businesses and charities getting involved in creating floats to parade, and I imagine, quite lucrative advertising on their part, with such a huge and captive audience!


At the end of the parade, we were swept away with the heaving crowd towards the park where the rest of the carnival was taking place. It really was tremendously busy, which surprised me!

We arrived at the park and the crowd dispersed somewhat. The children, happy to have some space, ran around on the grass and played happily, while we took in our surroundings. Then we watched a pretty cool band perform on the bandstand for a while, which was lovely.


In need of some refreshment by now, we waited in line (for ages!) to get the kids an ice lolly to cool and energise them. And while we were waiting, the kids climbed trees and we met a wonderful clown on stilts. The children were fascinated by her, and she was so friendly, letting the curious kids touch her and answering their questions in good humour. For me, this is the embodiment of the Carnival, weird and wonderful people with incredible talents, on show for the world to see and muse at.

After waving goodbye to the Clown lady, we stopped to meet some Princesses and my niece (a huge Elsa fan) was chuffed to have her photo taken with her hero. Banana, who’s a little shy, was happy to admire them from a distance, and the boys weren’t too bothered with such a ‘girly’ pursuit! 😝.


Next, the kids spotted a huge line of bouncy castles and slides, which the just HAD TO go on, so off they went to burn some of their newly topped up energy. After a few minutes of bouncing, it became apparent to mum and I, that the bouncy slide was a bit of a disaster waiting to happen. There were steep, inflatable steps leading up to the slide which dropped straight onto concrete (no safety mat!) and combined with the fact that no one was supervising, and about 20-30 children (being children) were pushing and climbing their way to the top, made it an almost certainty that someone was going to get hurt. Being the ‘ahem’ responsible adults that we are, we made the organisers aware of this immediately and they arranged for someone to supervise to ensure that kids were climbing up one at a time…crisis averted! *smug face*


Still not feeling entirely comfortable with the lack of safety mats we didn’t stay too much longer and distracted the children by pointing out that there was a huge Minion just waiting to be hugged over the other side of the field. Off they ran (naturally!) to hug, squeeze and in my 4 year old nephew’s case, try to fight (!) this big squishy Minion. We managed to get them to stand still for a moment to have their photo taken, amidst excited squeals of delight.


The next place to visit was the fairground where mum offered to pay for each of the kids to go on one ride and one fair game. Banana opted for the Merry-Go-Round, My older niece and nephew (Let’s call them Hulk and Petal) went for the bouncy trampolines and my younger nephew (Batman) bravely chose the Ghost Train (!). Afterwards, they all had a go at Hook-a-Duck and all won a prize, which they were thrilled with!


All getting pretty tired by now, and low on funds, we made a quick stop at the hotdog stand and headed home. Why does the walk back always seem longer?!

The only negative thing about the day, was that it wasn’t particularly toddler friendly with the huge crowds and dangerous rides! So poor Duckling spent the majority of the day stuck in her pushchair. She was very good though. With plenty of things to watch!

Another awesome summer day out had by all!

Did you attend a carnival this year? Did you enjoy it?

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