Car washing Role Play- Tick!

imageA fantastic, sensory activity for the first hot day of the summer is to set up a garden toy / car wash. It’s a great win/win activity because it keeps kids occupied for the afternoon, cools them down on a hot day and cleans any build up on your garden toys ready for playing with over the summer months.

My approach was to set it up as a role play car wash. We lined up the garden toys as if queueing, got out daddy’s car washing sponge and bucket, filled the bucket with cool, bubbly water (small squeeze of washing up liquid) and set them to work!

Banana, immediately saw this as an opportunity to be the boss, so she made her little sister the customer while she washed her car… While she was in it! Some really fantastic role play occurred.

Once all the garden toys were clean and sparkling, we were left with a big, bubbly puddle that the girls, not ones to waste and opportunity (!) had to jump in!


I really loved this activity. Both girls enjoyed it, despite their age difference (4&1) and while they were having fun, there was plenty of learning and skill development going on too. They developed their role play, imagination and language skills by pretending it was a car wash. They worked on those gross motor skills using their arms to reach high and low. Cleaning their own toys gives them a great sense of responsibility and achievement which helps to build confidence.

Banana loved this activity so much that shehelped daddy wash the real cars the next day! (Win!)

I’d love to know your techniques for getting the kids involved in chores?

You can see our fun car wash HERE

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2 thoughts on “Car washing Role Play- Tick!

  1. Louise Fairweather says:

    I have done this with my boys – but not brave enough to let them loose on my car. My son once had a pet rock that made a mess of my paintwork! Like that they are enjoying washing the car though! #magicmoments


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