Eat fish and chips by the sea – Tick!

Is there a greater pleasure than eating fish and chips by the sea? A good old fashioned British pastime, no British seaside holiday is complete without it. Of course it had to feature on our bucket list.

On our holiday to New Quay in June, we found a lovely little fish and chip restaurant which sells locally caught fish (always a bonus) and decided to treat ourselves.


We found a perfect place to sit on the wall of the pier with gorgeous views out to the sea. Happily enjoying our seaside meal, we were amused to find a cheeky seagull that had landed on the wall and was edging slowly closer in the hope of pinching some chips. Deeming it harmless we allowed it to stay nearby, but warned Banana not to feed it, to avoid more seagulls disrupting our lunch!


At one point I was distracted by Duckling and bent down  to deal with her in the pushchair. Seizing it’s opportunity and spotting Banana (a much smaller human) alone for a minute, the cheeky seagull made a dive for some of her chips!! Cant fault it’s instinct and intuition! We were so amused by the cheeky chap, we took a selfie with him!


Another successful and yummy tick!

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8 thoughts on “Eat fish and chips by the sea – Tick!

  1. 2travellingtots says:

    This looks so lovely! And you definitely can’t beat fish and chips by the sea – love that it’s caught locally too! Blumming seagulls – we got literally dived bombed by one the other week! They’re a bit aggressive here! #stayclassymama


  2. The Mum Project says:

    Aw your daughter is beautiful! I love the last photo of the two of you with the seagull : ). It sounds like you had a very nice break, my other half loves fish and chips I think he would eat them everyday if he could. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    Liked by 1 person

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