Go rock pool dipping – Tick!

Some of my fondest memories as a child are of crab fishing and rock pool dipping. It was always something that I wanted to do with my own kids, and this year, as Banana is now four, I decided we’d give it a go during our holiday to New Quay back in June.


New Quay beach is perfect for rock pool dipping because a) it’s quite rocky and b) the tide is in during the morning and goes out early afternoon. This meant that our visits to the beach usually coincided with lots of little pools of water being left by the receding tide.



Deciding that Banana was perhaps still a little young to juggle both a crabbing hook and line and slippery, potentially hazardous rocks, we opted to stick with a good old fashioned net that she could dip into the rock pools to see what she could find.


Although she didn’t find anything as exotic as a crab or starfish as we were hoping, she did manage to net some beautiful seashells, pebbles and sea glass, which to her four year old mind, were the ultimate treasures. We also found some little fish darting around in the sea but decided to leave them in case we hurt them.


It really was lovely to see her excitement and reminded me so much of my own childhood and how special these days at the beach were to me. These are the days where armed with nothing but some basics (such as a net) those really special childhood memories are made.


what is the ultimate memory from your childhood that you’d love to relive with your own kids?

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

15 thoughts on “Go rock pool dipping – Tick!

  1. carolcliffe says:

    Rockpooling is such fun. I’m glad to see your little one enjoyed it and found lots of treasures! I’m really enjoying following your list as you tick things off!


  2. Sarah at Catching the Magic says:

    So beautiful. My fondest memories are ones like this – the simpler the better and often in nature, at a lovely slow, relaxed pace, savouring every moment. You captured the joy of childhood so well in your photographs and it’s lovely to ‘relive’ our own moments through our children too 🙂 Visiting from #countrykids

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  3. Keitha says:

    Looks like she had a wonderful day. I would love to relive a weekend at my Grandma Love’s house with my son. Sadly, that is not possible. My childhood weekends at her house were filled with exploring the piney woods, hanging out with cousins, incredible home cooked meals, raking & burning leaves, chopping down trees for firewood, playing with the cows, snapping fresh peas from the garden, walking for miles on the black tar roads that would become soft in the heat, and spending time at the dining room table playing card games with a huge group of family. Wow, you just took me back 30+ years with that question. #countrykids

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  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) says:

    Rock pooling has always been a favourite of my lot, they would always jump at the chance to go on a trip to the beach to hunt in the pools. Banana looks like she’s having a great time searching through all the pools for some friendly animals. I bet you can’t wait to get out and go Rock Pooling again soon!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

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