Have a water fight! – Tick!

What is by far the best summer activity for kids I hear you ask? Well, dear readers, in my (very) humble opinion, I am going to have to go for a good old fashioned water fight! Here are my reasons:


1. It is really inexpensive. I think the water balloons cost me £1 from Asda for a pack of 100. And Banana’s water gun was £2.50 from the entertainer. Believe me £3.50 for the kids to be entertained all day? Well worth it!

2. Filling water balloons is a great fine motor activity for kids. My nephew Hulk (8) and niece Petal (6) were given the job of filling and tying the balloons at the garden tap… This gave those teeny tiny muscles in their hands a great gym session (and saved my hands from aching!)

3. Instant cool down on a hot summer’s day. There are few things that will cool you down more, in fact, than a big blob of colourful rubber hitting and then exploding ice cold water all over your poor, unknowing head/ back/ a**e (!)

4. It’s great exercise! We put the filled balloons into the paddling pool so the kids had to run back and fourth to collect their weapons at the same timke as dodging flying fluorescent missiles, quite the work out!

5. It’s a great equaliser! A game that both the young and old can get involved in and enjoy. Keeping the all the children in my family occupied (age range 1-8 years) all day (and the adults too!)

6. Relatively mess free! I mean think about it, yes water will get everywhere in the garden (which assuming it’s a hot day will dry quickly)and you’ll want some towels at the ready to stop dropping children from traipsing into the house, but apart from tiny bits of colourful rubber which can be swept when the garden is dry… It’s pretty mess free entertainment!


Disclaimer: Don’t think for a single moment that you will be able to sit and observe the chaos… Oh no, the minute you sit down looking comfortable an dry, expect to be pelted with several exploding colour bombs! You may as well be done with it and get involved! 😉

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