Watch a summer blockbuster – Tick!

For me, the cinema isn’t really a summer activity. It’s much too ‘indoorsy’ and more suited to getting snuggled up on an Autumn or winter evening. However, the biggest blockbusters are always released in the summer so I’m clearly in the minority of people that think so!

Banana is at the age now, where she’s noticing and being influenced by the media and popular culture, so of course as soon as the adverts and store promotions for ‘Finding Dory’ began, it was set. She just HAD to see it!

We were lucky enough to get a chance to see the movie on its release day which was fantastic because it didn’t give anyone chance to ruin the movie for her. It also meant that the cinema was pretty busy, but that made no odds to her!

It wasn’t her first trip to the cinema, but it was definitely the most successful, she’s at the age now where she’s able to sit for an entire film without getting restless and fidgety, which really helped make the experience more enjoyable.

Banana absolutely adored the film. She laughed, she cried and she clapped at the end which is obviously adorable! I couldn’t recommend it enough to any 4/5 year olds out there who haven’t seen it yet (few and far between I’d imagine!)

Here she is with Daddy and Nanny all ready for the much anticipated movie to start…


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