Visit an Amusement Park- Tick!

I knew we wanted to visit an amusement park this summer but having already been to Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Park back in the Spring, I also knew that we wouldn’t be visiting another of the ‘Big Ones’. Thankfully, we have a small amusement park in the West Midlands called Wonderland, which is perfect for younger children as its based around nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters. It is reasonably priced for a day out at £8.50 per person (Under 2’s are free) and that includes some small rides, an indoor soft play centre and all the attractions.

Our first stop after entry was the three bears Cottage. You can go inside and sit on the three chairs and watch an interactive display of the three bears and Golilocks. Here are Hulk, Banana and Petal sitting on the bears’ chairs.


Next you walk through the lovely woodland setting and you come to Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall and Grandma’s Cottage from Red Riding Hood. You cant go inside all of the attractions, but there is usually an interactive display which includes moving puppets and the story being told.

Our next stop was the gingerbread cottage from Hansel and Gretel. You can go inside this one and children delight at the sweety décor and the terror of seeing the witch keeping Hansel in a cage.


Next, you walk past the Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe and come to ‘Dinosaur Valley’ which contains life size dinosaur models and again interactive buttons to press which give you information about each dinosaur.

imageimageOn you go to the Crooked House, which is my favourite of the houses, and then you reach the mines where the Seven Dwarves dig for treasure. They have a small mining feature that the children can try their hand at, where they sift sand for ‘treasure’.

imageAfter having a go at this, we had a quick look at Snow White’s Cottage and then moved on to the fairy village which includes small fairy house models and a waterfall, which the children loved.


Other features include Christmas village which has elf houses you can visit and some rides. (Seemed a bit odd in the summer holidays!)

There is also a large open space at the top of the park which includes a Giant, more rides, a maze and a castle which contains a small café, picnic area and soft play area. You really can make a great day out and I would highly recommend it if you are in the midlands and especially if you have small children.

(Apologies for my poor quality photography in this post, I think most photos were taken on the move whilst chasing Duckling as she’s spending more and more time out of the pushchair these days! )

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You can watch the kids enjoying some of the rides HERE


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