Have a barbecue – Tick!

If you get to the end of summer and haven’t had a barbecue, are you really British and is it really summer?? Ha! But honestly, and maybe it’s just me, but summer would not feel complete without charcoaled sausages and suspiciously pink chicken (disclaimer, I am joking and of course always make sure that our meat is thoroughly cooked and edible!)

Happily, my sister invited us all over for a BBQ at her house this summer (hoorah! No cooking or cleaning up for me!!)

They had filled a huge pool for the children to play in, which they happily did, all afternoon, even getting some lilos out at one point so they could ‘relax’!


Meanwhile the adults were able to have a natter and fill up on yummy food! (In between telling the kids off for splashing us/ putting my shoes in the pool/ arguing over the lilos… But hey what family is perfect anyway?!)

All in all a lovely, traditional summer past time, a great way to get families together and just while away a sunny afternoon! Great stuff!

You can see the rest of our summer bucket listĀ HERE

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