Find a new park- tick!

Ah the park. The simplest of all childhood joys. Every town has one (or 50 depending on the size of the town) It just so happens that we live in quite a large town, so there are enough parks to keep us occupied all summer.

However, we have done all of our local parks over and over again, and whilst they’re great for getting the kids out of the house for an hour, I really wanted to find a new park, somewhere we could spend a large chunk of the day, and I didn’t mind looking a bit further afield to find one.

Shrewsbury is a beautiful town, it has everything: History that dates back to medieval times, shopping, good food and most importantly a great park. One that my children had never been to!

So, we arranged a day with some good friends, packed a picnic and off we went. The sun was even shining, so bonus!

When we got to Quarry park in Shrewsbury we were a bit disappointed to find that parking is both limited and expensive. Thankfully, we got there early enough to find a space in the Quarry itself, although I wasn’t terribly impressed with the cost. (About £3.80 for two hours, which by my standards is a lot!)

However, as that was going to be one of our only expenditures for the day I took off my stingy head and was determined to enjoy the day!

The first thing the kids noticed was a huge, modern and colourful playground. Well, I’ve never seen little eyes light up with such joy! Off they went to explore, and I must say I was very impressed with the quality of the play equipment. Loads to do, all very modern and safe as well as clean an graffiti free. (Because there’s nothing worse than capturing the perfect shot of your child only to look back later and notice the huge diagram of a certain part of the male anatomy that some teenager has so lovingly created, in the background of your shot…Yes this has happened to me!)

There were also toilets right next to the park which is always a bonus with young kids. And a splash zone, which we didn’t go into as we hadn’t brought swimming kit.

After a good hour of playing on the park (and still not bored) we decided to take a walk along the beautiful banks of the River Severn, in the hope of finding the perfect place for a picnic.


After a leisurely stroll we noticed a beautiful Victorian Gazebo back up within the park itself, we headed over to have a closer look. The children were so enamoured by it that we decided we’d stay and eat our picnic inside the gazebo. Which was lovely until we started getting plagued by wasps!

One yummy picnic later (despite the wasps) we decided to walk off our food and continue exploring the park. Not far from the gazebo are some beautiful gardens which we took a walk through, admiring the beautiful plants and fountains and fed the ducks in the pond.

After all this, we just had time to get an ice-cream from the ice-cream van, have another short play on the park and then it was time to leave, much to the disappointment of Banana who would happily have stayed a few hours more!

We had a really lovely time at Shrewsbury Quarry Park and I would recommend both the park and Shrewsbury itself to anyone who finds themselves in the Midlands.

You can watch a video of us having fun at the Quarry HERE

You can see the rest of our Summer Bucket List HERE

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