Relax in a beer garden- Tick!

This year I really wanted to find a family friendly pub with a nice garden to relax in the sunshine. Again I didn’t mind driving a bit further out because I think you tend to find that the nicest places are often on country roads rather than inner towns.

So I did some research online, and found that the same place: The Bell at Tong, kept coming up over and over again and had been recommended by lots of parents for its family friendly vibe, nice garden and decent play area.

When we arrived, we went straight into the garden area and I could immediately see why people recommend it so highly, the garden was beautifully maintained, with grass, shrubs, seating areas, gazebos and beautiful fairy lights which I imagine would be magical looking at night. The play area was also large and clean and safe.


So we got the drinks in (Cokes for the adults… Wahey!) and sat and relaxed while the children played and explored. With the adults taking it in turns to lead Duckling around the play area.


At one point my brother and nephew had disappeared for a while and when they finally came back they told us they had found a beautiful corn field just behind the pub. So, we decided to all go and explore…

The corn field was fantastic and had obviously been discovered on many occasions before. We had so much fun just walking between the tall stalks. And as the sun was beginning to set the light was beautiful!


Such a fun day where we got to both relax and explore!

You can see the rest of our Summer Bucket List HERE

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