A letter to my daughter starting school.


Dear A, My darling girl,

4 days, that’s how long it is until your first day at school. You are so excited.

You are so ready…I am not so sure. To me, you’re still a baby, I want to snuggle you, protect you, smell your sweet hair, keep you safe and innocent from the big bad world.

I remember all your firsts like they were yesterday: Your first day in this world, your first holiday, your first Christmas, your first birthday, your first word, your first steps, your first day at preschool. You were my first… Firsts are lovely and scary and exciting all at once.

I know you’ll be fab, and you’ll smash it and show everyone how wonderful you are. To you this is another chapter in the adventure story that is life. I know you have to go, heck I know you WANT to go! But I’m just going to quietly enjoy these last four days, enjoy having you to myself for a little longer, secretly wish that time would slow down just a little, that you can be all mine for a little while more…

Although 4 days is no time at all…

I hope you know how incredibly proud I am of everything you do, and if not now, then I hope one day in the future you’ll understand my unconditional pride and love for you.

Go get ’em sweetheart, show them how amazing you are!

All my love,

An overwhelmed with pride and adoration,

Mummy xxxx

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