Go for an evening walk

There is something special about the evenings. I think it’s probably a combination of the fact that it’s cooler, quieter and the light is beautiful. A calm settles in the hours before nightfall, as the world winds down after a busy day.

This is the reason that I wanted to go on an evening walk. I wanted to really appreciate this calming effect as a family. As most parents know, between 5pm-6pm children can turn into little monsters, I wanted to counteract this ‘crazy’ hour by shifting our usual routine and doing something a little different.

We decided to go for an evening walk around another local lake, feed the ducks and just enjoy the calm. I wasn’t disappointed, the light around the lake at this time was just gorgeous despite it having been rather an overcast day.


It was also really quiet, meaning we had the ducks to ourselves, which was lovely we even saw some teeny baby ducklings, which had ventured out of their nest under the watchful eye of their mother.


As it had been raining all day, Banana enjoyed jumping in puddles and Duckling responded with squeals of delight and shouts of ‘again!’.


We found some blackberries, acorns and hazelnuts and Banana really enjoyed looking for these treasures.


Most of all it was just lovely to spend time together as a family, just to walk quietly together taking in the light and breathing in the fresh air. After an hour, we headed home and the girls went to bed happy and slept soundly.


A really lovely way to spend an hour together as a family.

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6 thoughts on “Go for an evening walk

  1. jennyeaves says:

    Aww, a perfect evening! We love feeding the ducks too, so much fun to watch them surround and grab the food. It looks like your daughter particularly loved jumping in the puddles too! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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