Zip Wire -Tick!

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to get gold of some free child passes for Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom in the West Midlands. This meant that we go Banana in free with a paying adult (saving us £9.45) and Duckling got in free anyway, because she’s under 2. This was a great stroke of luck, because Hoo Farm, as far as I’m aware has the only zip-line within a reasonable distance to where we live.

We had a really lovely day at the farm. It was a beautiful summer day, so we played on the park and watched the ponies.


The girls had rides on the mini tractors.

We fed the animals, with some lovely, friendly sheep came and ate straight out of our hands.


We had a picnic under a HUGE horse chestnut tree, which was just beginning to drop conkers signalling the changing season.


But most importantly Banana had a whale of a time zooming down the zip wire. She really loved it, and although she was a little scared at first, soon found herself zipping from the very top, with squeals of adrenaline fuelled delight!


Hubby really wanted to have ago, but thankfully noticed the sign saying not suitable for adults just in the nick of time (although personally I would have found it hilarious!) I have some great videos of Banana enjoying the zip wire, but haven’t got around to uploading them yet. Keep an eye on my YouTube page and i’ll do it ASAP.

Overall, we had a really enjoyable day and got another thing ticked off our list, just as summer draws to a close.


You can view the rest of our Summer Bucket List HERE

Monkey and Mouse

3 thoughts on “Zip Wire -Tick!

  1. Lucy At Home says:

    Farms are great places for kids! And that zipline looks fun! I feel sorry for y our hubby not being able to have a go! There’s a park near us that has a zipline and it has become a tradition now that mummy has to have a go on it before we’re allowed to go home! Haha. #whatevertheweather


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