Fly a Kite -Tick!

An oldie but goodie, there are few things that are quite as simple yet thrilling as watching your kite lift into the air, and then letting it go higher and higher until its merely a dot in the sky.

Something that should be on every child’s bucket list, a simple and fun outdoor activity that can involve the whole family.

We flew our kite a few times this summer. The first was on the beach in New Quay back in June. The beach is a perfect place to fly a kite because of the breeze coming from the sea, and lots of open space. Banana really enjoys flying her kite, so we invested in a lightweight kite, that is relatively easy to fly, so that she can do the majority of it independently with some minimal help and guidance from mummy and daddy. She was really good at it and we spent a good hour or so flying, on one of the cloudier days of our holiday.


It was even easy enough for Duckling to have a turn, with daddy’s help. 13511005_10153549103472001_6145896542294138985_n13494899_10153549103357001_1723370955137653459_n

Last weekend we went along to a Kite Festival which was happening fairly local to us, and we just knew we had to go along. Although there wasn’t a huge turnout, there were at least 100 people flying kites on the big field, ranging from Amateur like us, to real, serious kite fliers with some pretty impressive kit. It was fantastic to see so many kites in the sky at once and so many families working together to get their kites airborne. I always love seeing families doing traditional activities together.


My girls really enjoyed the festival, with loads going on to keep them occupied and happy. If you haven’t already, then I’d definitely recommend a good, old fashioned kite flying session for some real, quality family time.

Kite Flying is and activity in the National Trust’s #50Thingstodobeforeyou’re11&3/4 list which we are trying to complete HERE

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