Autumn Bucket List 2016

Today, the weather is wet and cool, so it seems the perfect time to present our Autumn Bucket List. So,  here it is…

  • Go on a hike √ View
  • Seasonal Cooking √ View
  • Forage/ Pick Seasonal Foods √ View & View
  • Pick a Pumpkin √ View
  • Celebrate Halloween √ View & View & View & View
  • Celebrate Bonfire Night √ View
  • Play in the rain √ View
  • Go to the lake √ View
  • Play in the Leaves √ View & View & View
  • Visit the Forest and Climb Trees √  View
  • Read Autumn Books √ View & View
  • Go on a Nature Hunt √ View
  • Stay in a Cabin √ View

I’d love to hear any ideas for fabulous Autumn ‘musts’ so please comment below if you have any ideas. 🙂

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