Muddy Monday #2 – Sticky Nature Art.


Welcome to week 2 of Muddy Monday! This week we made some beautiful sticky art using the treasures that we found on our nature hunt, last weekend. Now, this activity doesn’t really involve too much mud, however, collecting the natural materials that we used, was very muddy and you can read about that here, Go on a nature hunt – Tick!.

After gathering a beautiful collection of items, I was determined to do something lovely with them, so headed to trusty Pinterest, where I found the inspiration for this activity.

First, I arranged a sheet of sticky back plastic on the wall outside, sticky side up, and held down with parcel tape (because that’s all I could find!) We got our bag full of natural materials, which included a variety of leaves, berries, nuts, seeds, sticks, bark and flowers. Duckling was able to pick an item from the treasure bag, and stick it onto the wall.


At first, she thought she could just stick it anywhere on the wall, but after a bit of trial and error and modelling from me, she figured out where the ‘sticky stuff’ was and got to work.

The great thing about this activity is that is easy enough for very small children to have a go at, engaging enough to keep older kids occupied and makes a really lovely piece of temporary art.


Duckling, who loves being outdoors, really enjoyed this activity. She enjoyed picking extra bits from the garden to add to her masterpiece and seemed really pleased with the finished product. I also seized the opportunity to add some natural vocabulary into the activity: “Look at this, soft, grey feather” and “Feel this rough, brown bark.”

When Banana came in from school, she was so impressed at what her little sister had created that she made me promise to let her do one at the weekend. So we did: 14390976_10153762446142001_9045503519318374966_n14433225_10153762446337001_516170057889710694_n14446039_10153762447782001_361503687634501620_n14479613_10153762446517001_4419416202991245955_n

Banana had just as much fun with this, and we were able to discuss and explore why flat, light items such as leaves, stuck better than round, heavy items such as hazlenuts and conkers.

Well worth doing, a really fun and engaging activity for a variety of ages and abilities.

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12 thoughts on “Muddy Monday #2 – Sticky Nature Art.

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    I do love the autumn crafts. We have been making nature tables here onthe farm but a nature wall is a lovely idea. I’m pinning this one to do for activity hour here. We did something similar with sticky back tape and a colour chart to pin nature colours next to the chart. The pinning it to the wall would make it a great shared activity. I’m loving your mud crafts.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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