Muddy Monday #3 – Planting Spring Bulbs


Gardening with kids is one of my favourite things to do. It is great, muddy fun and they are learning so much about the world without even realising it!

This week, I decided that I’d introduce Duckling to the joys of planting and growing some flowers, so we bought some spring bulbs, got out some basic gardening equipment, suitable for little hands and we were good to go.


First, I modelled digging a small hole in the ground. Duckling loves this anyway and happily spent 10 minutes just digging in the soil.

Next, I showed her how to place the bulb into the hole and cover it over with soil. This is great for using and modelling verbs to enhance a toddler’s vocabulary: “Dig, cover, pat”


We also found a little wiggly worm, which she was fascinated by. I love finding small creatures with my girls whilst doing our activities, it provides a great opportunity to model gentle treatment of vulnerable creatures and empathy. We picked the worm up with the spade and moved him to a safe part of the garden, so we could continue our digging without harming him. Duckling kept going back check on him!


Once the bulbs were bedded snuggly into the earth and covered with a blanket of soil to protect them from the coming winter, we watered them (Although Duckling’s aim, was sometimes a bit off! ha!)


Although I doubt Duckling will have much of a memory about this activity in the spring when our bulbs flower. I still think gardening with toddlers is a fantastic, exploratory activity that a) gets them outside b) improves their knowledge and understanding of the world c) encourages physical use of the hands, improving motor skills d) is pure and simple, muddy fun!

We have saved some of the bulbs so Banana, can also get involved in planting our Spring garden at the weekend, and she will love watching the plants grow and flower, as she already has a fantastic understanding of how flowers and plants grow.

Any top tips for gardening with toddlers?

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8 thoughts on “Muddy Monday #3 – Planting Spring Bulbs

  1. Amy @ Very Much So says:

    Gardening with kids is so much fun! I introduced my daughter to it this summer and thought that she wouldn’t really remember but every time we went out in the garden she wanted to water her plants. It’s amazing what they take in about the world around them isn’t it?! #whatevertheweather

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