Stay in a Cabin – Tick!

As I mentioned in Thought of the Week – Goodbye September. 28th September marked our fourth wedding anniversary. Each year we try to do something special to mark the occasion, because as you’ll all know, trying to find time for one another when you have young children, is nigh on impossible!

This year, I wanted to do something a bit different, and as our anniversary falls in Autumn, I thought what could be better than a cabin in the middle of nowhere… no TV, no WiFi…just quality husband and wife time.

I found a beautiful looking Cabin in Warwickshire that ticked all those boxes. It sits at the edge of a working arable field on a farm in the middle of the Warwickshire countryside and even had a private Swedish (log fired) hot tub! YES PLEASE!


We had a beautiful view of the rolling English Countryside:


We popped to the nearest town and bought some ‘grown up’ food…a real luxury to sit down and eat together! There was no oven in the cabin, just a barbecue, which just added to the overall Al Fresco experience!


We spent a lovely evening relaxing by the fire, wrapped in cosy blankets, it was beautifully cosy and autumnal!


And finished the night relaxing in our gorgeously decadent Swedish Hot Tub:


Its crazy when you have no access to the outside world through TV and WiFi, how your body clock resets. by 9:30pm we were both exhausted and, more than ready for a good night’s sleep! (No little toes up your nose, no baby monitor, no sleeping with one eye and one ear open…can you imagine the bliss?!)

After a fantastic night’s sleep, it was wonderful to wake up to the fresh country air and watch the sunrise… (I am usually a caffeine freak, but the cool fresh air and beautiful morning light woke me up a treat!)


Before heading home, we decided to spend the morning visiting Royal Leamington Spa, the town where Stu’s dad was born and grew up, and somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit. We were not disappointed! What an utterly beautiful place!

I can honestly say, that I’ve not felt so relaxed and refreshed as this in such a long time. Getting back to nature, away from technology, in the quiet was just wonderful. (Although the outdoor compost loo, was perhaps a step too far!) Happy Anniversary to us!


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9 thoughts on “Stay in a Cabin – Tick!

  1. pattertravelers says:

    It looks like a wonderful weekend! It is hard to get away when you have children. I have to ask though, what is a wood fired hot tub? #whatevertheweather

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