Thought of the Week – KidloLand App Review

There is clearly an awful lot of debate, currently, surrounding children and technology. Experts tell us that too much screen time is bad for children and that the internet is a dark and dreary place. True as these things may be, there is no denying that we are diving head first into a technology lead world, and who knows how far technology will have reached by the time our kids leave school.

What we need then, is to find a good balance between allowing our kids to access the fantastic opportunities and educational resources that technology can offer whilst still protecting them from the nasty side of the internet and the dangers of leading a sedentary life.

KidloLand is an educational app aimed at children under 5 and allows young children to take their first steps into the world of technology in a safe, fun and educational way.


When I was asked to review the app, I decided to write down the things that I would want and expect from an app aimed at my children, before even looking at the app. That way I would be able to see if the app met my expectations as a parent.

I decided that a good app needed to be:


Is it relevant and age appropriate to my children?

Yes, the KidloLand app is most definitely age appropriate, with features such as songs, stories and colouring for Duckling (19 months) who was able to access the app easily through large colourful icons, and easy touch screen access. It also has features such as Phonics, Shapes and Numbers and Games which Banana (4.5 years) was able to enjoy and learn from.


In order for an educational app to be effective in teaching young children it has to be fun.

Happily, my children have definitely found the KidloLand app to be fun! Banana has asked over and over if she can play her ‘new game’ and there is just so much content on the app, she will be happily entertained for months and months to come! Duckling loves coming and sitting on my lap and hearing stories and colouring pictures, so she is enjoying it too, although her attention span only lasts around 5 minutes before she becomes distracted by something else.


Is it adaptable to different ages and for different purposes?

Again, a big thumbs up from me in terms of adaptability. This is such a great all round app, we probably won’t be installing any other apps for a good while. It’s educational, so I have been using the phonics and numbers sections to enhance Banana’s school learning. It’s fun so it keeps the children occupied and happy, perfect for waiting in restaurants and Dr’s surgeries. The lullaby section is my favourite and I’ve been using it to help the girls unwind before bed.




What would I improve about the app?

I don’t have many to be honest, and actually had to think quite hard, in the interest of fairness to find things that I would improve about the KidloLand app. MY main criticism, is that after installing the app, you then have to install the individual games, songs and stories, which can be slightly time consuming and take up quite a bit of memory on your device. However, as I’ve already mentioned, you are getting so much content with this app (I mean literally hundreds of features!) that I didn’t mind this too much.

Secondly, and this is a personal bug bear of mine and not really a reflection on the overall effectiveness of the app, I found it a little too American, with American accents and in some cases words are spelled in American English (such as color).  As an early years educator, this sort of thing annoys me slightly…


We have really enjoyed playing with the KidloLand app, and I really believe that it will help to enhance the girls’ learning. I would definitely recommend it to parents with similar aged children.

You can download the app:

iOS (KidloLand) :

Google Play Store (Nursery Rhymes For Kids):

Amazon Appstore (KidloLand):

**Disclaimer – I was given a free limited subscription to the KidloLand app in return for an honest review of the product. All views and opinions are my own. **



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