Climb Trees -Tick!

When I was a child (not all that long ago!) my weekends were spent outdoors…all day, whatever the weather. These days, for various reasons, kids don’t spend as much time outdoors. This makes me feel sad for my girls. My happiest childhood memories were outside, I don’t want them to miss out on the joys that being outdoors brings to childhood. For this reason I try to get us outdoors as much as possible at the weekends. Β I try to allow them that same sense of adventure and freedom that I remember so fondly. It’s so important for little imaginations, to have nothing but nature’s playground to entertain them.

Last weekend, we decided to explore our local woods, specifically looking for great trees to climb. Children need the opportunity to learn about and assess risk, tree climbing is fantastic for this. How far can they safely push their bodies? How well can they balance? How high is safe to climb? All these things help them to become better equipped at analysing risk, an extremely important development skill.

Aside from this, crisp autumn days are just perfect for exploring the woods and climbing trees.

This really is good, old fashioned, simple fun.

Which childhood memories do you love reliving with your children?

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Country Kids

15 thoughts on “Climb Trees -Tick!

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    I can still remember the first tree I got stuck up as a child! I was in such a panic and had no idea how to retrace my steps. I must have manged as I lived to tell the tale. My own kids had no such issues growing up here on the farm with trees all around them. I remember taking them out on day trips and apologizing to other parents when mine had led a tree climbing expedition. It is a wonderful skill to acquire and teaches children so much about risk and safety and what they are capable of.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos on #CountryKids


  2. Dean B says:

    Same here. I used to love climbing trees as a child too. It’s not surprising that my daughter is the same, although we don’t have big trees to climb in our garden, we do try to look out for them when out and about. Your photos reminded me so much of my childhood. Lovely! πŸ™‚

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  3. twotinyhands says:

    My son loves climbing!! I can’t wait to let him loose on some trees one day! He’s only just started walking so it’s only a matter of time before we hit the trees!! Love this post! #countrykids


  4. Aly says:

    There’s a fallen tree my youngest has been determined to climb the last couple of years, in the woods local to us.It’s a personal accomplishment for her to go across on her own.So many skills that aren’t taught much at school can be found during visiting woods.Over from Country Kids.


  5. tracey at Mummyshire says:

    I love seeing children climb trees, especially as the National Trust says that children aren’t doing it any more :(( They really look like they’re having fun and are in their element getting back to basics.
    I hope they didn’t climb too far…or are they saving that for next time?!!?!


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