Go on a Hike – Tick!


As I’m sure I’ve mentioned (just a few times!) in previous posts, Autumn is my favourite season. For me, it’s the most aesthetically pleasing with the bright colours and crisp light. Sometimes you get those October days where the sky is crystal clear and the light falls beautifully and enhances all those beautiful colours. Sunday was one of those days: cool and crisp, bright and sunny. I just had to get us outdoors. I decided we’d go on a hike up a local hill, The Wrekin,
a decent, moderately steep walk with breathtaking views of Shropshire at the top.


I decided that Banana was now old enough to cope with the walk and Duckling could walk the less steep bits and go in the pushchair for the rest. Now, it’s been a few years since I last did the hike and I wasn’t a mum at the time, so taking in the path suitability for a pushchair wasn’t exactly top of my agenda. I remembered that the hike was rather steep in places, but what I didn’t account for was just how rocky and uneven the paths are. We made it halfway up before I accepted that the pushchair wasn’t going to get any further. Thankfully my mum offered to take Duckling home (who by how was rather fed up of being pushed over bumpy terrain!) and Banana and I continued the trek on our own.


Obviously I was sad that Duckling couldn’t reach the top with us, but I really had the most amazing, quality time with Banana, something we don’t get enough of now that she’s at school. It was really special to encourage one another on the difficult, steep bits and share in the joy when we made it puffing and panting to the top (well, I was puffing and panting anyway!). I was so proud of her, it is a difficult walk in places, especially for little 4 year old legs. And we did really have a lovely, shared moment of pride and accomplishment when we reached the summit. Banana was amazed by the views and kept exclaiming things like “wow mummy, look at my world!” Which I thought was just so sweet. After spending half an hour at the top enjoying the views and playing in the wind, we spent the whole walk down talking, splashing in puddles and jumping on each others’ long shadows cast by the setting sun.


I set out with the aim of going on a hike, getting some exercise an fresh air as a family. What I ended up getting was a truly special couple of hours of bonding and time with my eldest girl, time that i’ll forever cherish and never forget, and I hope she will too.

What are your favourite local hikes?

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