Halloween Fun Week – Day 2 – Loo Roll Mummies

imageThese are a fun and simple craft for all ages, not too spooky, but definitely Halloweeny (!) and using simple household items.

You Will Need:

3 loo roll tubes

A few sheet of loo roll or kitchen roll

A Stick of glue


Googly eyes (or White paper and black marker)


First, flatten out one of the cardboard tubes and cut out 4 simple arms. Fold a section at the end of each arm and glue them to the side of the two tubes.

Next, cut the loo/ Kitchen paper into strips and wrap and stick along the length of the cardboard tubes, overlapping in places to give the impression of bandaging. Banana insisted on doing her mummy independently, which I’m all for, but she didn’t quite grasp the concept of keeping the strips horizontal to achieve the best effect.


Last, stick the eyes on…and Voila! You should have some cute, easy to make mummies! Thank you Pinterest!


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