Halloween Fun Week – Day 3 – Witch’s Brew Brownies

I love seasonal cookery and baking, and every Halloween, Banana and I try our hand at some kid friendly, spooky recipes. The idea is to create something fun, light hearted and yummy. So recently I have been browsing the web for a suitable recipe. Something easy enough for Banana to do on her own with instructions from me whilst Duckling has her nap.

Finally I came across this recipe for Witch’s Brew Brownies from Home Made Interest http://www.homemadeinterest.com/turn-your-leftover-candy-into-witchs-brew-brownies/ so all credit and thanks to Melinda for that.

Banana loves baking and always insists on full chef’s attire!


It is a lovely, easy recipe, especially if you cheat and buy a brownie mix like I did! Perfect for young children. All we had to add were two medium eggs, 50g butter and a selection of toppings. We chose M&Ms to add colour to the ‘brew’, Magic Stars because witches fly around at night, and strawberry laces because they look like worms (or intestines if your kids are a little older!) And I must say, they are actually very yummy!

Here is the finished product before and after cutting…


Another tick off our mission to Celebrate Halloween!!

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