Muddy Monday #7 – Sensory Witch’s Brew


As this week was Halloween, it seemed only right to have a spooky theme to this edition of Muddy Monday. Banana’s current obsession is making ‘potions’ in the garden with her cousins at the weekend. This involves filling a pot with water from the garden tap, and adding bits and bobs from around the garden and mixing it all together. This independent, child initiated play was the inspiration for this week’s Muddy Monday, as I decided to take the play a little further and encourage my girls to make a witch’s brew using a variety of sensory ingredients.


First, I gathered together a variety of dry household ingredients: Pasta, rice and rock salt all provided sound and texture. Cloves and cocoa powder were something for them to smell and crumbled chocolate digestive provided the all important ‘taste’ element.

I had set up a large pot (‘couldron’) of water in the garden and provided to some suitable sticks for mixing. Then they added the ingredients one by one, as we talked about the smell, sound, texture and taste.


As you can tell from their faces, they were extremely inspired by this activity and really enjoyed getting into the role of it.

Next, we decided to gather more ‘ingredients’ from the garden. These included some freshly harvested pumpkin and sunflower seeds:


Again, we discussed the smell and texture. (The pumpkin seeds were still slimy!)

Banana also gathered petals and berries from the garden which added a splash of colour.


Next, we added some soil, which made the brew look more ‘potion like’. Here is the finished product, which Banana insists on checking on each day.


Yuck! This was a fantastically, fun sensory activity, which followed the Halloween theme perfectly. Really easy to put together, and lots of fun to do!

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