The Letterbox Cake from bakerdays Review and Giveaway!



You know how sometimes, you have those people in your life that are just impossible to buy gifts for? Every Christmas and birthday becomes a dreaded event because you just don’t want to buy Uncle Fred another pair of socks… You can’t bear to see Aunt Hilda’s fake smile of delight when you hand over another cookery book.

Well, I may have discovered the perfect alternative gift for those difficult to buy for people. It comes in the form of a small but perfectly formed, personalised letterbox cake! It is such a fantastic idea in my opinion, because let’s face it, who doesn’t like cake?! bakerdays even provide the option of a dairy free or gluten wheat free cake, so there will be few people who can’t enjoy the novelty of a personalised gift cake literally posted through their letter box.

So, as you can tell, I am all for the idea of a letterbox cake. I love the fact that it fits through the letterbox, I also love the fact that there are heaps and heaps of different designs to choose from (Check them out at I love the fact that it is another option for those difficult to buy for people. BUT, does it actually work? The idea is fab…but would it arrive in one piece? Would it actually fit through the letterbox? Would the personalisation be up to scratch? Would the cake taste good, after being posted? Well, these are the things I have been testing this week and this is what I found…


I must say, I was extremely impressed with the care and quality of bakerdays’ packaging. Not only was the cake delivered within a matter of days, but it arrived in high quality, sturdy and attractive packaging. The quality of packaging meant that I would feel confident that my cake would arrive in perfect condition. The cake comes in plastic wrap for freshness, this is then placed in an airtight tin which keeps the cake both fresh and safe. The tin is then placed in a sturdy cardboard parcel for an extra layer of protection. I was also impressed with the finishing touches, the cake came with a little card and as I had asked for a Christmas theme, there was even a Christmas cracker in the box, which my girls absolutely loved! When I first read about the letterbox cake I was a little wary, and wondered how on earth the cake was going to make it through the post in one piece. I am happy to say that my fears were unfounded and the cake arrived in better than perfect condition.

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The cake and personalisation

Although it is a bit early, I thought I’d choose a Christmas themed cake and give it to my girls as a fun way to get us into the Christmas spirit. I found the website really easy to navigate with cakes for all occasions and for all types of people. I chose a fun, colourful image of some carol singers and personalised it with my girls’ names. Whilst browsing the website I noticed that the method of choosing your design, sponge and personalisation is set up in an easy to use step by step way. When the cake arrived, I was extremely pleased with the appearance of the cake itself, the letters were clear and exactly as I’d requested. My girls were extremely excited when I showed them and Banana insisted that it was a gift from Santa! (Who am I to correct her imagination!?)

Taste Test

After examining (and poking!) the cake, it was time to get down to the most important part…The Eating! We had the basic vanilla sponge cake which was soft and light, and there was a yummy thick layer of icing (my favourite part!) It was extremely sweet, so I cut small slices, this meant that we actually got 8 slices from the cake despite its’ small size. We all thought it was delicious and would love to try the chocolate sponge version next!



We were extremely pleased with our cake from bakerdays. Every detail, from the customer service, to the website, to the packaging, to the look and taste of the cake itself; were absolutely spot on. My girls found the whole thing really novel and fun and enjoyed pulling the cracker and wearing the hat, examining the cake, eating the cake (or course!) and imagining that it was from Santa.

You can contact or see what’s on offer at bakerdays at:



Like the look of the letterbox cake for yourself or someone you love? Head over to the gleam widget for a chance to win your own cake!

Win a Personalised Letterbox Cake from bakerdays

**Disclaimer- I was given a letterbox cake in return for an honest review – all views and opinions are my own. **

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