Christmas Baking -Tick!


Who doesn’t love a good old Christmas bake off? I know we do. All those lovely smells of cloves and ginger filling the house and making it feel all festive.

Each year I make sure we squeeze in a couple of baking sessions. Not only does it put us in the festive mood, it also means we have plenty of yummy Christmas treats to keep us going until Christmas Eve when we allow ourselves to open the ‘Christmas pantry’.

This year Banana decided to bake mince pies for the adults, which we made more child friendly and fun by using Christmas cookie cutters for the lid. We cheated and used Aldi Specially Selected mincemeat which was delicious (and a little boozy!) As an extra bonus, we always leave one of Banana’s homemade mince pies out for Father Christmas when he visits, so she really takes extra care when making them.

She also decided to bake gingerbread men for the children and she did this as a joint activity with her cousins. They loved creating the gingerbread, with all its sweet and sticky ingredients, as well as cutting them out, territorially marking their initials to show which one belonged to which and then decorating them with some colourful icing. My lovely, sensitive Banana took so much care decorating her little people and loved them so much that she couldn’t bring herself to eat them! Unlike her sister who tore her’s limb from limb and gobbled with relish! I love seeing their different personalities, haha!

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Did you do any Christmas baking with kids this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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