A Letter to my daughter after her first school Nativity.

Dear A,

I have just been reflecting on your first term and school and how far you’ve come. How much you’ve grown and developed as a person. (How cheeky you are getting at times!) but mostly how amazingly well you are doing as a fully fledged school child.

Your school Nativity was one of the things that showed just how far you’ve come in four short months.

We’re proud of your maturity, while the other kids were wriggling and pulling silly faces, you sat beautifully straight, waiting patiently for your turn to perform.

We’re proud of your beautiful, wholehearted singing. With your head held high you sang each word beautifully and clearly, you moved your arms gracefully, as an angel moves its wings, no silly flapping. I secretly loved hearing you practice your singing, already a perfectionist, wanting to make sure you knew each line for the day. And although you thought I wasn’t listening… And forbade me from ruining the surprise, I just couldn’t help it!

Most of all we’re proud of your bravery and determination. I know you felt apprehensive about performing in front of all the mums and dads, but you did it anyway, and you were so proud of yourself afterwards.

Well done darling!

Forever your proud and affectionate,

Mummy xxx

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