Let’s go Apple Picking – Tick.

Hi all,

As it’s now September, and despite all those protests of people desperately clinging onto the last remnants of a summer that never really materialised, I have decided we’d begin on our Autumn activities.

Isn’t it just the most beautiful time of year? The golden hues, the low sparkling light, the crunching and cracking sounds that you hear whenever you walk outdoors, the smell and taste of pumpkin spice everything! Ah bliss! A real carcophony for the senses. It’s like the firworks at the end of Mother Nature’s ‘big annual show.’ The spectacular ending, the part that everyone waits for with baited breath. I think this year is going to be glorious, and the signs are already beginning to show.

So, to kick off the new season, and because the fruit harvest has been so tremendous this year, we decided to begin with a day at the orchard picking apples and pears.
So we donned our little baskets, and off we went. It was a glorious early autumn/ late summer day with the perfect balance of warm sunshine and cool breeze.  Honestly, if I could live in this sort of climate forever I’d be more than happy.

Well, to say the trees were dripping with fruit would be an understatement, it was incredible! Every tree held hundreds of beautiful, fresh, ripe apples just waiting to be picked and we soon filled our baskets.

After we’d picked enough fruit, trying to encourage my girls to be mindful of waste, and only picking what we could use. The girls happily played in the orchard itself, running through a small hedge maze and enjoying the sensory path and frog pond.

I’d really recommend this as an autumn activity for kids. It provides ample opportunities for learning, both explicit lessons; Plant biology, food education and decomposition. But also implicit; natural harmony, appreciating natural beauty, treating the world with love and respect, not taking more than we need and community values.

We had a really enjoyable day out and finished the day with some delicious homemade apple crumble.

Have you been apple picking this year? Or do you intend to go?

Eat an apple straight from the tree is number 9 in the National Trust’s 50 Things to so before you’re 11 3/4s challenge. HERE

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