Playing in a Winter Wonderland.

My girls, age 5 & 2, had until this Winter, never played in the snow. The last decent snowfall we had, here in the Midlands, was in January 2013, when Banana was around 9 months old. We took her out to touch it and look at her world turned white, but she obviously doesn’t remember. So this year, I was determined that no matter what, my girls were going to have the chance to play in the snow. Knowing that the chances of a decent snowfall were low (ha!) I decided to book us into Winter Wonderland at the SnowDome in Tamworth, as our main Christmas activity for December.

We had a really enjoyable day. First we got to play in the dome itself which has real snow, sledges, tobogganing (on 5 different slopes) and it was made wonderfully ambient with Christmas trees and Christmas music playing. We had a fantastic time on the slopes and the girls just loves making snowballs and throwing them at daddy us.

Next we got to go and see a mini panto, featuring Santa himself, which was a fun way to thaw after our snow play, it included loads of singing, dancing and audience involvement, which the girls loved.

Finally, our day ended with a walk around Santa’s village where we got to see and pet some of Santa’s animals, including the Reindeer. And we also got to write our letters to Santa and post them in the magic post box. As we were leaving, the girls were given a Thornton’s chocolate Snowman lolly as a little gift from Santa, which was a lovely final touch, and kept them quiet for some of the journey home. (Always a bonus).

The day at the SnowDome cost us £76 for two adults and two children which I was happy to pay, as part of the girls’ Christmas gifts. After all, it meant they got to experience snow for the first time…

LITERALLY, the following weekend, we had the heaviest snowfall since 1982! Easily 12 inches of beautiful white, snowball and snowman making goodness! FREE for all to enjoy! I couldn’t believe it… it pretty much sums up my luck!

However, not being one to dwell on things for too long, we soon saw the SnowDome as a (£76!!) practice run for the real thing and were soon out making snow angels, building a snowman and all the other fun things that snow brings with it. The winter of 2017, truly was glorious and now my girls have some lovely snow capped memories to add to their collection!

Play in the snow is Number 15 in The National Trust’s #50Things Challenge

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