7 Fantastic Ideas for Getting Outdoors in Spring

Ah Spring! The most welcome time of year, after a long, dark and cold winter, there’s no better feeling than the onset of Spring. The days get longer, outdoors suddenly becomes colourful again, spring flowers begin to emerge, the weather becomes milder and most people, myself included begin to feel happier, more positive. It’s fantastic!

After months of hibernation and hiding from winter’s bleakness, I feel myself itching to get outdoors in the springtime. The kids are definitely ready to get out and explore again. For this reason, I decided to compile a list of some of our favourite outdoor activities to get you outside and enjoy the Springtime in all its beautiful glory.

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1. Get out and enjoy the Spring Flowers. 

Its lovely to go to your local park at this time of year with young kids and encourage them to notice and appreciate the spring blooms. See if your kids can find Crocuses:




…And Snowdrops


Of course, unlike Banana in the image above (oops!), it’s nice to teach kids not to pick the flowers, but instead to appreciate their beauty as they are, perhaps gently touch the petals and smell them for a full sensory experience.

2. Enjoy the Tree Blossom.

On the same sort of theme, Spring is a wonderful time to get to your local park or arboretum and mesmerize in the beauty of the tree blossom. For a few weeks a year, many trees transform into a cacophony of colour, and it really is something to behold. Have you ever seen Magnolia in bloom? It’s stunning and definitely something we love to do each year in Spring.

3. Take a Walk in the Rain

Now, we all know that Spring is known for rain, and if you’re British, like me, it’s likely you’ll grumble about this fact. However! I think it’s time we got more positive about rain. After all, “April showers, bring May flowers”! If i challenge you one thing this season, it’s to get outdoors and really embrace the rain. Put on some waterproof clothing, I really recommend these Puddle Suits by Regatta which we’ve used for years and keep kids dry from head to toe! And get outdoors, kids can play on the park, which by the way, will be deserted! You can pop on some wellies: I highly recommend these by KushyShoo and jump and splash in puddles. And then go home for some yummy warming soup and a movie afternoon. Honestly, it’s fantastic fun!


4. Visit your local farm to see and feed the baby animals. 

There is no better time to visit a farm than during lambing season. Having all the cute newborn babies there really adds to the overall experience. Many farms will have sessions where you can meet and even feed the lambs or kids and its a really fantastic way to introduce the theme of life cycles and reproduction to young children. Here’s Duckling and I holding a baby kid, and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life!


5. Explore the Woods to Find a Carpet of Bluebells.

This natural phenomenon occurs in the UK around May, but for a few weeks a year, the woodland floors become carpeted in beautiful bluebells. A lovely activity, is to take a picnic to enjoy among the flowers and just basque in the natural beauty and pop of colour! We currently love this beautiful traditional woven basket, which adds a touch of nostalgia to our picnics.


6. Hunt for Tadpoles.

Another awesome activity for teaching kids about life cycles is tadpole hunting. Take a trip to a pond or stream and check around the reeds and shallows for tadpoles or frogspawn. Perhaps take a net and bucket to gently lift some out and have a good look at them. Of course, make sure that all water safety precautions are taken and that tadpoles are returned safely to the pond afterwards. This little outdoor explorer kit would be the perfect little set to examine the tadpoles up close.


7. Fly a Kite

Spring has the perfect variation of sunshine and windy days to get outdoors and try the age old activity of kite flying. An activity done for generations and one that never gets old. Even the most technologically advanced kids will enjoy getting back to basics and making their colourful kite flutter and dive. Check to see if your town or city holds an annual kite festival, which often include professional kite flyers, kite making workshops and a chance to add your own kite to a sky full of colourful kites. If not, just head to an open space and fly away! This is a great starter kite for beginners.


So there we have it, a few ideas to inspire you to get outside this Spring. Let me know in the comments if you try or plan to try any of these activities this Spring or if you have any other ideas for ‘must do’ spring outdoor activities.

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