Enjoy rainy days with kids (for free!)

Ok so I know, the downside of spring is the fact that it rains A LOT! Rainy days and bored kids traditionally don’t mix, but I have compiled a list of fun ideas to make even the wettest of days fun fun fun!

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1. Embrace it

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt as a parent it’s “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” However, I have my own version which seems to ring true: “If life gives you rain, splash in puddles!” I’ve spoken about it a lot, but I do honestly believe that there’s a hidden beauty to going out in the rain. As long as you dress appropriately ( I can’t recommend these puddlesuits and wellies enough!) then you’ll find not only is everywhere deserted (no crowds = win) but it’s actually great fun to go out, get absolutely soaked in huge puddle splashing contests and then go home to a warm bath, cosy pjs and warm soup! If there’s one thing that should be on your bucket list in Spring, it’s play in the rain! An absolute must!


2. Build a fort

Ah the old rainy day classic. But honestly so much fun. Find some old blankets and cushions and some chairs to hold it up, have fun building together, go as intricate as you dare. Then once you’re done get some torches, snacks and books and snuggle inside for reading time.

Check out this amazing fort building masterclass here.

Or for fuss free fort building you could always invest in a crazy fort!


3. Do some baking.

It’s great to get in the kitchen with kids. So many learning opportunities, such as language development as they describe what they feel, hear, smell and taste. Mathematical concepts such as volume, capacity, shape and measure can also be explored. But most importantly, they get to eat their creations at the end, which is always a fantastic motivator for kids! I would suggest getting a baking kit such as this one, which is perfect for little hands and safety conscious. My last bit of advice? Prepare yourself for the inevitable mess. There will definitely be broken eggs, spilled milk and clouds of flour, but it’s all part of the experience and the fun.

Why not try this awesome spring themed bake:


4. Make slime

While we’re on the theme of mess. This is a great messy activity that will keep kids entertained for ages. Get them involved in the full process from making all the way through to playing. The great thing is, you can choose a colour, add glitter and other bits and bobs, making it a great seasonal activity too!

Check out this spring slime idea.

5. Do some crafts

Another great idea for a rainy afternoon is to get the craft kit out. We love THIS because it’s got everything you could ever need. Check out these awesome spring craft ideas here at Red Ted Art.

images (1)

6. Make a movie nest

And for those days when you just can’t be bothered with the mess or the fuss, grab a load of blankets and cushions, pile them on the floor. Grab some snacks and have a movie marathon while the rain patters on the window. Cosy!


What do you like to do on a rainy day? Let me know in the comments.

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