6 Super Summer Crafts for Kids

The Summer Holidays are hard work. As much as we as parents feel guilty admitting it, it’s difficult to come up with the right balance of structured and free play activities to keep kids occupied and prevent boredom from creeping in. On the same note, the summer holidays can be expensive! For this reason, I’ve been trying to find fun and engaging activities to keep my kids busy without breaking the bank.

Crafting is great for this. Pound shops, budget stores and supermarkets all thankfully sell craft materials for next to nothing. And are well worth visiting at the beginning of the holidays to stock up.

Here are six summer themed craft projects that we intend to try over the holidays.

1. Squirt Gun Painting.

Peg up some paper, fill a squirt gun with water and paint and let them have fun making abstract creations!

Full instructions


2. Plastic sun-catchers

These pretty sun-catchers are great for both younger and older children because the patterns you great can be as simple or complex as you like.

Check THIS out for full instructions:

3. Paper Plate Flowers

A fun activity that combines both crafting and painting and only requires a few easy materials once done, these are definitely wall worthy and will brighten any play room or area.

Full instructions HERE


4.Q-Tip Painted Dragonflies

This is a fantastic summer craft for getting creative with different mediums and creating patterns. It will get those tiny fine motor muscles working hard too!

Check it out HERE

5. Painted Rocks

Another lovely activity, which reminds me of the painted rock craze back in 2017, a lovely community project where people would paint and hide rocks in their local area and others would find them and re-hide for others. It’s always lovely to incoroprate natural materials into your play too.

Have a look HERE

6. Paper Plate Rainbow

Look how beautiful these look! And with just a few simple materials! A lovely piece to display on the wall and to introduce some science learning about rainbows!

Instructions HERE

So there we are. Six easy to do, summer inspired crafts to help keep you busy over the holidays! Leave links to your craft posts below!

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