8 Reasons to Love Autumn!


It’s September, the kids have gone back to school. The evenings are drawing it, and there’s a definite chill in the air. Many people grieve the end of Summer, but as an Autumn lover i’m here to convince you that September, October and November have so much to offer to make it a fantastic season. Here’s why:

1.Autumn Fashion

Anyone else feel their most comfortable in knitted jumpers, jeans and boots? I know I do. I also love the colours of autumn fashion with deep tones of plum, burnt orange, mustard and browns. I’ve already been doing some window shopping and can’t wait to get back into comfortable, warm, cosy Autumn clothing again!

2. Comfort Food.

The cooler weather brings the need for warming food and that’s fine by me! I love porridge for breakfast and stews, soups and casserole for dinner! During Autumn the food gets simpler and heartier. The slow cooker comes out and i’m never happier than when i’m baking homemade bread for dipping!

3.Crisp, crunchy walks

There’s no better time to take long country walks than during the Autumn. I’m thinking those bright, cool days where the sun reflects beautifully off the orangey hues of the leaves, basquing the country in a golden light that only occurs for a few weeks a year. Every step delightfully crunchy and crisp upon the leaf and acorn strewn ground. The smell of woodfire so cosy and inviting. Oh yes!


4. Halloween

Such a fun festivity! I prefer the more traditional Halloween of witches and ghouls rather than the new fangled obsession with psycho killers, but that’s just me. I love decorating my house in black and orange, picking the perfect pumpkin from the patch, taking it home to carve. We love spooky movies about witches, vampires and things that go bump in the night. Dressing up on October 31st and going out Trick or Treating with friends. As soon as we arrive in October my kids begin counting down the days until Halloween fun!

5. Bonfire Night

Another fantastic and fun festivity, we light up the dark nights with blasts and explosions of colour. It’s just wonderful to get wrapped up warm on a cold November evening and watch a spectacular fireworks show, the smell of hotdogs, fried onions and candy floss mixed with gun powder (or whatever it is they put in fireworks!) We usually have two celebrations: fireworks at a professional event (safer and more cost effective) and then we build our own Guy Fawkes and have a bonfire in the garden with s’mores and sparklers.

6. The Colours in Nature

The world takes on a new beauty in Autumn. The changing leaves creating a mesmerising rich pallete of orange, brown, yellow and red. The lower sun creates a golden glow that can’t be reflected at any other time of year. The air becomes clean and crisp, the ground is carpeted in crunchy golden leaves. A walk in the autumn is sure to make you look again at the beauty all around us.

7. Home decor

To reflect the cooling climate outdoors, it’s lovely to create a cosy, Hygge environment indoors. Twinkly lights, candles scented with Autumn delights, chunky knit blankets, rustic farmhouse style decorations. As the nights draw in, there’s just something wonderful about being warm, safe and comfortable at home. The smell of a cinnamon baked apple pie wafting through the house while you cosy up together with a great book and not a care in the world.

If you love rustic home decor, the check out this page DesignIt. They specialise in handmade rustic, farmhouse decor made from reclaimed wood and will take custom orders too!

cookies on a plaid mat

8. It’s Harvest Time

Apples, blackberries, hazelnuts, pears, corn and squash of all varieties are all ready to be harvested. This means not only fantastic days out and foraging adventures with a bit of food education thrown in, but also we get to come home and bake or cook delicious treats!


So there we have it. No need to be sad that summer is coming to an end. Embrace Autumn for its cosy, rich beauty and you’ll be sure to have a wonderful season!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?


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